Grimes County District Attorney's Office
270 FM 149 W
Anderson, TX 77830
(936) 873-2137 - Direct
(936) 873-2111 - Switchboard
(936) 873-2688 - Fax

Andria Bender - District Attorney
Courtney Cain - 1st Assistant DA
David Armbruster - Assistant DA
Meagan Callaham - Assistant DA
Brenda Williams - CVWC
Gilverta Diaz - CV Laiason
Raul Gonzalez - Investigator
John Wren - Investigator
Blake Baldobino - Investigator
Kaitlin Mikulin - Admin
Tammy Castro - Legal Assistant
Jessica Carey - Legal Assistant

Andria Bender
Grimes County District Attorney

Welcome to the Grimes County District Attorney's Office web portal. This site is available to authorized attorneys to view cases and receive discovery.

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